47. Birslauf

The Birslauf 2013 took place in Basel, Switzerland on Saturday evening.

A grand total of 946 runners turned up for this important local event compared with 1030 last year. Birslauf Starting LineupThe flattish course runs upstream for around 5km from St. Jakob Park, Basel on the Eastern bank of the Birs river, before crossing and then returning to the start to complete the 10km distance.

The weather was cloudy but dry with temperatures around 9ºC. Great for running, but rather cold for the spectators and the poor light conditions made photography tricky.Birslauf BandW1The race was won in impressive style by Gabriel Lombriser (860) of Büsserach, with a time of 33:58, just over 39 seconds ahead of Darren Talbot (28) from Basel and 46 seconds ahead of third-placed Stephan Holzer (590) from Lausen. Birslauf WinnerThe big rivals from the last two years, Ludwig Ruder and Nicolas Collas, did not compete this year.

The first placed woman was Deborah Büttel (583) with a time of 36:49.

Here is a link to the full results.

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3 thoughts on “47. Birslauf”

  1. Hi
    I am going to be in Switzerland across this years event and was looking for some information about it in English. Can anyone take part? Just wondering if/how to register and where it starts/finishes.

    1. Hi Rachel
      Thanks for getting in touch. The Birslauf 10k run is open to anyone and is free of charge. The course is situated south of the St Jakob football stadium which is on the east side of Basel and is easily accessible by tram from the city centre. It runs for 5k upstream of the River Birs (a tributary of the Rhine) and then back to the starting point and is very flat – good for personal bests! I took part a couple of years ago and found the event to be well organised, friendly and informal. There are changing facilities and places where you can get refreshments, but nowhere to store valuables. The results are published separately for men and women, but there are no age bands. Full details (in German) can be found here http://www.lsvb.ch/?page_id=1386 – if you want more details you can either use Google Translate or contact the organiser at antonio.monzione@lsvb.ch Don’t worry about the language, most people here seem to speak good English. Hope that helps and that you still keen to participate. Please let me know if you want any more details.



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