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Christelle Daunay of France wins the women’s marathon at the European Athletics Championships, Zürich, 2014chrisgodfrey_20140816_03212_-imp-imp

Maja Neuenschwander takes 9th place
Nicola Spirig achieves a new PB in her second marathon
Nicola Spirig achieves a new PB in her second marathon


For the first time in 60 years, the European Athletics Championships will be held in Switzerland.  See full list of competitors here.

From the 12th until the 17th August, athletes from 50 nations will participate in a wide range of events in Zürich, including the marathon, which takes place on the 16th (Women) and 17th (Men).

Among the main marathon contenders will be four runners – two men and two women – who have previously won the annual Zürich Marathon: the European marathon champion Viktor Röthlin (CH), the winner and course record holder from the 2013 Zurich Marathon, Tadesse Abraham (CH), 2013 winner and course record holder, Lisa Nemec (formerly Stublic, CRO) and this year’s winner Mona Stockhecke (GER).

In addition, no less than five men – Christian Kreienbühl (Swiss Champion 2012, CH), Patrick Wieser (Swiss Champion 2014, CH), Michael Ott (PB 2013, CH), Aleksey Sokolov (2nd 2011,RUS) and Stepan Kiselev (5th 2014, RUS) – and three women – Maja Neuenschwander (2nd 2012, CH), Nicola Spirig (2nd Swiss Championship 2014, CH) and Ursula Spielmann (Swiss Champion 2014, CH) – have recently enjoyed success in the Zürich Marathon.

Nicola Spirig completes her first marathon in Zürich (April 2014)
Nicola Spirig completed her first marathon in Zürich (April 2014)

In his last major race before retirement, Röthlin will be hoping to defend his 2010 title. Meanwhile, Eritrean-born Abraham will be representing Switzerland for the first time, having just obtained his Swiss citizenship in June after living here for more than 10 years.  After a very successful career as a triathlete (2012 Olympic Gold Medalist), Nicola Spirig will be competing in only the second marathon of her life.

And let’s not forget the other talented members of the Swiss teams: Adrian Lehmann (personal best 2:18:53); Magali Di Marco (personal best 2:41:54); Patricia Morceli (personal best 2:35:31); and Martina Strähl (personal best 2:39:15) – all strong contenders in this tactical course.

Mona Stockhecke won the Zürich Marathon in 2014
Mona Stockhecke won the Zürich Marathon in 2014

Best times of runners at previous Zurich Marathons


Tadesse Abraham (CH) 2013 Winner and course record 2:07.44,4; Winner 2009 2:10.09,0

Viktor Röthlin (CH) 2007 Winner and course record 2:08.19,2; Winner in 2004 and course record 2:09.55,8

Christian Kreienbühl (CH) Swiss Champion 2012 2:19.37,4

Patrick Wieser (CH) Swiss Champion 2014 2:18.14,5

Michael Ott (CH) Personal best 2013 2:16.53,0

Aleksey Sokolov (RUS) 2nd place 2011 2:10.22,2

Stepan Kiselev (RUS) 5th 2014 personal best 2:11.28,0

Ursula Spielmann, Swiss Champion 2014
Ursula Spielmann, Swiss Champion 2014


Maja Neuenschwander (CH) 2nd place 2012 2:31.55,9

Nicola Spirig (CH) 2nd place Swiss Cup 2014 2:42.52,4

Ursula Spielmann (CH) Swiss Champion 2014 2:42.55,8

Mona Stockhecke (GER) Champion 2014 2:34.03,8

Lisa Nemec (CRO) Champion in 2013 and course record 2:25.44,0

Patrick Wieser, Swiss Champion 2014
Patrick Wieser, Swiss Champion 2014

Don’t expect any world records this weekend – the four circuits around the centre of the city will be significantly harder than Zürich’s usual flat, fast lake-side route. However, the quality field and the challenging inclines will almost certainly guarantee an exciting, tactical race and provide a fitting climax to the 2014 European Athletics Championships.

The next Zurich Marathon takes place on Sunday, April 19, 2015.  More information:<http://www.zuerichmarathon.ch>

Or <http://www.facebook.com/zurichmarathon>

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